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Dr. Davidson, I wish to express my thanks for the care you had given me when I had separated my shoulder. Deep tissue therapy was something that I had read about. I found that the treatments working the shoulder were giving me flexibility, more movement and much less pain later that day. After just a few sessions with you, I was off the pain medication during the day, and then within a few weeks I was drug free at night and sleeping well.

It is now 2 years later and I’d like you to know, I have absolutely no pain, tightness or paralysis whatsoever. Injuries such as this to a person in their forties can leave life long effects, something that concerned me greatly. I believe that I am fortunate by meeting you and following your advice. Still today when friends and family ask about my shoulder, I and they are astonished that I was scheduled to have surgery and it was not at all necessary.

You are excellent at what you do. Your kind, comforting and caring disposition has helped me in my recovery. I have recommended you to any one who asks, and I will continue to do so. Thank you always.

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